Our Pastors

Senior Pastor. BA, BD, MTh, ThD (Harvard), DD (Queens, Canada)

The Rev. Prof. Christopher Duraisingh

Rev. Duraisingh was ordained as a CSI presbyter in November 1965 in the Diocese of Dornakal, where he had been working as a lay missionary of the Indian Missionary Society from Tirunelveli. He was a professor of theology for over 30 years, first at the United Theological College, Bangalore and later at the Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, MA. He was the General Secretary of the Council for World Mission (based in London, 1985-89). He served at the World Council of Churches (based in Geneva, 1989-1997), first as the Director of World Mission and Evangelism, and later leading a worldwide study process on the "Gospel and Cultures", involving about 76 denominations around the world. At WCC, he was also the editor of the International Review of Mission. He has led bible studies, and retreats, and given addresses in several churches, including four devotional addresses in the Lambeth Conference of Bishops of the Anglican Church in 1978, synod meetings of the CSI and CNI, and the clergy conference of the Mar Thoma Church in Charalkunnu, Kerala. He has written over 150 articles, essays, and edited two books. His article, "From Church Shaped Mission to Mission Shaped Church" (2010) has been widely read. Rev. Duraisingh and Suganthy have a daughter, a son and four grandchildren.

Assistant Pastor.

The Rev. Dr. James Jacob

Rev. Jacob is currently serving as Priest in Charge of All Saints Episcopal Church, RI (Vicar of Warwick). He also serves as Assistant Pastor of CSI-NE and Priest in Service for Ascension CSI, Boston. He has served many churches in Rhode Island and Albany (New York) dioceses. Before he was ordained, he was a professor of Chemistry at the University of Rhode Island and worked as a scientist at Dartmouth College, Purdue University and Harvard University. He also founded a research laboratory, Organomed Corporation, for discovery research in medicinal chemistry. He has an M.Div. in Theology (Andover Newton Theological School, Boston), B.S. (Mar Thoma College), M.S. in Chemistry (Aligarh Muslim University), and Ph.D. in Bioorganic Chemistry (India Institute of Science, Bangalore). He is married to Ninni, and they have two children and four grandchildren.